Best Affordable Outdoor Sheds For Storage In 2023

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A wooden garden shed standing on a concrete foundation in a garden, flowers and tools visible.
A wooden garden shed standing on a concrete foundation in a garden, flowers and tools visible.

If storage space is an issue for you, and you don’t have a garage available, an outdoor shed is a great option. Or maybe you just want to protect your garbage cans inside an enclosed space. We take a look at the best affordable outdoor sheds for additional storage. Your outdoor shed can be a perfect addition to your home. They come in many different sizes, styles, materials, and forms. Most outdoor sheds are available for under $500 and can be assembled easily.

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What to consider when selecting an Affordable Outdoor Shed?

Your goal here is to shrink the selection of sheds by looking at your needs. You want to ensure all your items will fit into the shed. Weather can be a real issue, so you want to ensure your shed is durable and survives the elements for a long time. But also other considerations will make your shed a lifetime shed. Let’s take a look at what makes a good shed.

Determine the Size of your Outdoor Shed

The first thing of selecting your shed requires you to get an overview of the amount of items you want to store. Are you just looking for storage for some tools or need a bigger room to store outdoor or garden tools? Are there any larger items like a lawn mower that you’d like to store? These are all factors that will determine the square footage you need.

Sheds come in various sizes, starting from very small ones to fit just a few small boxes all the way up to a walk-in shed. Some of the largest sheds even have multiple windows installed.
Don’t buy a shed that is too large for your needs. It should have the right size and square feet requirement.

What flooring do you want for your Outdoor Shed?

Most outdoor sheds have flooring integrated. But some are free-standing without a floor. They can be installed on a concrete platform or other construction material on your property. The ones without a floor are usually large sheds that can fit many items.

If you decide on a shed without a floor, you need to make sure that water cannot enter the enclosed area on the floor.

Select the suitable material for your Outdoor Shed

Sheds come in various materials. Examples are plastic sheds, metal sheds, and wooden sheds. They all have their pros and cons in heavy rain or bright sunlight. If your shed is in bright sunlight, you might want to avoid a metal shed. It can heat up very quickly and become unusable during the day. Wooden sheds are great in areas with relatively little rain. They look great and very naturally fit into any garden. If your wooden shed is standing in heavy rain too often, it can deform over time, making it hard to use and maintain. Plastic sheds are a great option if you want to store wet items, like pool toys.

The material of your shed is also important to protect your belongings from rodents.

Do you need to lock your Outdoor Shed?

Security is the next consideration. If your outdoor shed is in an easily accessible location, it’s a good idea to look for a better locking mechanism. Having a real key lock is a great way to add some extra protection. A less expensive option is to get a padlock and a small chain to add some protection to your shed. This will, of course, only work if the doors of your shed allow such an installation.

Your shed doesn’t need a lockable door if you plan to put it in an enclosed location. You will have easy access to your items and can select more affordable sheds.

Do you need additional Interior Features for your Outdoor Shed?

The interior of your Outdoor Shed doesn’t need to be empty. Many sheds offer different shelving solutions and hooks.

If you want to store smaller items like tools, for example, you may want to install additional pegboards. With a set of pegboard hooks and pegboard bins, you can create the perfect storage solution to keep your tools organized. I have done that with my very own wooden shed and can really recommend that!

If your shed comes with extra shelving, keeping your items organized is a blessing. You can use different plastic bins for storage, depending on your needs. Make sure to label them right away to keep the items organized using labels. For small items like screws, you can install an organizer.

Plastic containers with screws placed in. a shelve of an outdoor shed.

Install some wall-mounted organizers for any larger tools like shovels or brooms.

1. Keter Store-It-Out Prime 4.3 x 2.3 Foot Resin Outdoor Storage Shed

Keter Store-It-Out Prime 4.3 x 2.3 Foot Resin Outdoor Storage Shed

This outdoor shed is made out of durable resin with a wooden look added to it. It can be opened on the top and through the front doors. This provides very easy access to your stored items.

The outer dimensions of the shed from Keter are 52 in. L x 28 in. W x 43.5 in. H and the inner dimensions are 47.6 in. W x 25.2 in. D x 39.4 in. H. This is a medium-sized shed.
If you are looking for a shed to protect trash cans, this shed can fit up to two 32-gallon trash cans.

This shed is ready to install a padlock if you need additional security for your items.

2. MCombo Outdoor Wood Storage Cabinet

MCombo Outdoor Wood Storage Cabinet

This is a beautiful small-sized wooden budget shed with double doors for access. Perfect for storing and organizing smaller items. It fits nicely on a small porch and is easy to assemble.

The wooden material comes in multiple colors, including black, green, and red.

This shed does not offer any secure locking mechanism. In the interior, you can install additional pegboards to store tools in this shed.

3. Gizoon Outdoor Storage Cabinet

Gizoon Outdoor Storage Cabinet

With the Gizoon Outdoor Storage Cabinet, you get a medium-sized wooden shed with built-in shelving. You can easily adjust the shelves to fit your needs.
It offers a lot of space that you can increase even further by using and stacking the right plastic bins. This can give you the extra space you need without investing in a larger shed. You save money and get the best organization for your items.

The inner dimensions of this shed are 34.3 x 18.3 x 63.2 inches. These dimensions can fit large items such as lawn mowers.

What I like the most is the low price point. This shed is a really good choice for smaller budgets and deserves this spot on my best storage sheds list.

4. GLANZEND Metal Outdoor Garden Shed

GLANZEND Metal Outdoor Garden Shed

If you want a lot of outdoor space, the GLANZEND Metal Outdoor Garden Shed might be for you. It’s a metal storage shed with dimensions of 65.35 x 37.6 x 70.55 inches. But it is also available in sizes up to 8 x 6 feet. Perfect for storing your ladders, an entire workbench, or any other larger items. It provides plenty of room.

The high-quality galvanized metal provides anti-rust and corrosion protection. It comes with a supporting beam that makes the structure very durable. The shed is surprisingly good-looking and comes in different styles.
With its double doors, this shed provides easy access to its interior.

The GLANZEND Metal Outdoor Garden Shed also provides ventilation to circulate the internal air.

This shed does not come with a floor. It needs to be installed on a level floor. Because this shed is made of metal, it could get hot in extreme temperatures. Considering the large size of this shed, I really like the price point.

5. Hanover Outdoor Durable Double Door Wooden Shed

Hanover Outdoor Durable Double Door Wooden Shed

First off, I must confess that I own this shed myself. I might be a little bit biased here 🙂

This double-door wooden shed from Hanover provides space for smaller and larger items. The smaller items can use the integrated shelving; with extra plastic bins, you can create extra space for your items.

I have installed 3 pegboards in my shed, including one on the right door. This is where the initial idea of installing pegboards in sheds came from. I can really tell you that it was a game-changer for me. Especially in combination with some tool hooks and pegboard bins, I created an easy and organized solution for all my items. I do not have a ton of tools, but the ones I have, I want to keep organized. There is nothing worse than having to search for a tool!

This shed has outer dimensions of 53 x 19.7 x 60 inches. It can store up to 36 cubic feet.

The doors are lockable, but not really in a secure way. Because of this, it is better used inside an enclosed garden than on a front porch.

After 4 years of usage, my shed is still beautiful. So far, I’m happy about my purchase, considering that my shed has already moved 2 times with me in those years. It does speak for the high quality of the shed.

6. HAPPATIO Storage Shed – Woodgrain-Look Galvanized Metal Shed

HAPPATIO Storage Shed

This shed is one of the largest outdoor sheds in my best outdoor storage shed list. It measures 8 x 6 feet and can fit all your large items. You can easily install free-standing shelves in your shed.

The HAPPATIO Storage Shed has a sliding door with an opening dimension of 32 inches. Because it comes with pre-drilled holes, you can install a lock for added security.

The flooring comes with a stainless steel foundation to reinforce the bottom of the shed. You can add concrete or your own flooring if you want.

I do like the wooden look of this shed. It immediately makes it more attractive to look at.

You will need 2-3 people for the installation process, so keep that in mind. This shed is very cheap for the amount of room it provides. That’s why I think it deserves to be on my list of the best outdoor sheds on a budget.

7. GLORHOME Outdoor Wooden Storage Shed

GLORHOME Outdoor Wooden Storage Shed

This medium-sized wooden shed looks very cute with its tilted asphalt roof. You get 2 shelves integrated and a small workstation attached to the door. It’s perfect for storing smaller tools and accessories. But it can also store more oversized items, such as spades, because of the design of the shelves. Getting additional storage with plastic bins is slightly more complicated. It will not provide room for many containers.

The outer dimensions of the GLORHOME Outdoor Wooden Storage Shed are 25.2” W x 18” D x 61.6” H. You can quickly assemble it alone in about 2 hours.

Keep in mind that the shed does not rest on a solid floor. You want to place it on a level floor.

The locking mechanism isn’t very secure, and there is no easy way to install a padlock. My pegboard trick will work perfectly fine with this wooden shed. You can easily install 3-4 pegboards on this shed’s back wall and left side. Maybe another one on the door itself.

GLORHOME provides more size options for this shed that can fit more items. Their design differs a lot from this exact shed, though.

8. Greesum Resin Deck Storage Shed

Greesum Resin Deck Storage Shed

The next shed on my best outdoor shed list is the Greesum Resin Deck Storage Shed. You get a smaller shed with 31-gallon of storage room. It’s made of durable, weatherproof, and environmentally friendly resin, available in many colors. Because resin sheds are very durable, you can store heavy items without a problem.

This shed is perfect for storing pool equipment or outdoor furniture pillows. You can even install it on your boat to store equipment.

The Greesum Resin Deck Storage shed is ready for installing your own padlock.

You will not spend a lot of time assembling this shed. It’s very easy to do as one person.

9. Polar Aurora Outdoor Metal Storage Shed

Polar Aurora 5 x 3 FT Outdoor Metal Storage Shed

Polar Aurora offers a real deal with this outdoor metal storage shed! With 5 x 3 feet, you get a lot of storage, making this one of the best cheap sheds on the list. The floor area is 15 square feet.

You can secure access with a padlock on the door to protect all your stored items. Large items will fit very easily, and you’ll have no problems accessing them using the 25.1” door.

Polar Aurora also provides bigger shed options up to 6 x 8 feet. The installation of the shed takes some time. Two people will take 1 1/2 to 3 hours for the entire assembly.

Overall, the quality of this shed is very decent, and I love the low price of it. If you want a lot of room for as little money as possible, the shed from Polar Aurora is for you!

10. YITAHOME 100 Gallon Large Deck Box Storage

YITAHOME 100 Gallon Large Deck Box Storage

Looking for more storage on your deck or pool area? With this 100 100-gallon large Deck Box Storage from YITAHOME, you can store all the cushions, pillows, pool items, and much more! The box has outer dimensions of 47.9″L x 21.7″ W x 25.3″H and an interior size of 47.2″L x 21″ W x 23.6″H.

The box storage is made out of durable plastic resin. The opening mechanism is supported with hydraulic hinges. This makes accessing your box extremely smooth. You will also get a net on the lid to store smaller items.

The poly resin rattan is weatherproof and protects against UV, peeling, and bending. You can assemble it in only 10-20 minutes.

I like the large storage room of 100 gallons. The material is also durable enough to hold up to 660 lbs! The low price is a nice bonus for this box that landed it on my list of the best outdoor sheds.

Final Thoughts – Best Affordable Outdoor Sheds For Storage In 2023

Outdoor sheds are a perfect solution for space issues in your home, garden, boat, or any other space. They provide opportunities to store items in an organized, clean, and protected way.

In this post, you learned what makes a good shed. You learned about the many aspects to think about when selecting your shed. Different materials, security, additional features, and color, just to name a few.

I hope this selection of outdoor sheds helps you select the right shed for your needs. The tips in this post can help you save money and get additional ideas to improve and organize your storage.

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