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Welcome to StockFit, your go-to personal finance and investment blog.

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Hi, my name is Andy.

Your Money decisions drive almost all aspects of your life, yet we don’t teach you anything about how to do it properly in school.

I’m here to fill that gap and give you the education needed to make better financial decisions.

You’ll get debt, budgeting, saving, and investment knowledge.

Let’s start taking control of your financial future together!

Andy Reimann, the founder of the StockFit Blog, your go-to Personal Finance Blog.

Take Control of Your Personal Finances

Manage debt

Take the stress out of your financial situation.

Category Manage Debt.
Save money

Build a safety net that won’t fail you.

Category Save Money
Start a side hustle

Find opportunities to boost your income.

Category Start a side hustle

My Investing Philosophy

All my investing principles center around a few rules. These rules help me to stay focused and master the art of long-term investing.

 #1 Buy and hold Stocks for 5+ years
 #2 Have at least 25 Stocks
 #3 Don’t overreact on short-term news
 #4 Reinvest into your winners

I found this way of investing incredibly rewarding and working! You can do that too! On my blog, you will find many resources that reinforce these principles.

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